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Why you should turn off your PC at night

Why you should turn off your PC at night

There are many reasons why people would like to keep their PCs running constantly, the main reason being that it is fast and convenient to resume your work. Apple computers are running maintenance scripts that wait for the wee hours of the morning to run. On those machines, if the computer was off, the maintenance… Continue Reading

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve been using computers since their early days and I remember using them with DOS, before Windows and GUI (Graphical User Interface) and touch-based operating systems were developed. Back then, we used a lot of keyboard shortcuts to accomplish repetitive and common tasks, and they have never really gone away. They just seem to have… Continue Reading

JumpStart Computing Announces Low-rate Prepaid Packages

Since 2006, JumpStart Computing has provided quality on-site PC and Mac servicing at affordable prices. Our personal attention by knowledgeable technicians will put your mind at ease as we handle your computer needs. JumpStart Computing can provide the services you need within your budget. We handle calls at a flat rate of $85 per hour… Continue Reading

Great Deal for First-Time Customers!

Need someone to show you how to use a new computer or software program? Got a new smartphone and need to configure it to access your email? We are offering an incentive to new customers to try our PC/ MAC repair services. Each new customer gets 20% off our already reasonable rates during the first… Continue Reading

How to uninstall Windows Update KB2823324

How to uninstall Windows Update KB2823324

In an imperfect world, Microsoft has released a Windows Update file that can interact with some third-party software and cause problems for some Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 computers. Microsoft has taken this update, KB2823324, out of the Windows Update system, but not before it was downloaded and installed on many computers. Microsoft recommends… Continue Reading

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